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Micro-Current Therapy

Detoxing and Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment –  The cellular Electro-aesthetics machine (made in France)  $125 / 60 minutes

Helps dark shadows and bags under eyes, tightens skin texture, lifting sagging and fine wrinkles.  Also brightens the skin complexion, firmness, lightens pigmentation and restores elasticity of the skin. This method revitalizes the skin with natural French ingredients and utilizes both manual and mechanical techniques.  No irritation, redness, or side effects during or after the treatment.

  • Abdominal stimulation and first drainage massage manually
  • Detoxication: Both manual and mechanical techniques
  • Nutrition: Revitalizes the skin with natural organic French essential and plant, vegetable Royal Jelly)
  • Tonification (lifting): Both manual and mechanical techniques.
  • Final Drainage massage manually and face pressure points, finishing with a treated mask.

Recommended: 6 sessions in first month (First 2 weeks, 2 sessions a week then one a week for 2 weeks). Then every 21 to 30 days