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DermaKinetics Topical Infusion LED Light Therapy

Dermakinetics Topical Infusion LED Light Therapy with Micro-dermabratin    

$130 / 90 mins.

Dermakinetics Topical Infusion LED Light Therapy      $115/ 80 mins.

This treatment is completely pain free, producing amazing results. It’s an un-intrusive soothing and rejuvenating treatment. LED will treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring and rosacea. This treatment will help minimize acne while also soothing the skin and reducing redness and inflammation. LED light therapy uses light-emitting diode(LED) technology to activate and promote collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal. Enhanced collagen production greatly reduces wrinkles and improves the overall texture of the epidermis, resulting in a more youthful, reliant appearance and texture.  An Exfoliation,  facial massage, mask, toner and moisturizing are included.   *Recommended to repeat every 7-10days for 8 treatments in 3 months. Then every 30days.

DK2 : Wrinkle Repair  (40 mins.) 
DK4 : Brightening (40 mins.) 
DK6 : Post Recovery (40 mins.)  
DK8 : Blemish Control  (35 mins.)
DK10 : Retinol Revitalizing (30mins.)
DK12 : Body Firming (30mins.)

What is DermaKinetics Facial Infusion Therapy?

DermaKinetic is a new patented topical delivery process.  The DermaKinetics uses precise wavelengths and pules of light to deliver active skin care ingredients into the upper layers of the skin to stimulate positive visible changes.  This is accomplished without harming the skin and without chemically altering the molecules in the skin care formulas.

What are the advantages of Dermakinetics treatments?

DermaKinetics is an active delivery system, where functional skin care ingredients are “pushed” or infused into the skin using light as an energy source.  This system can deliver high levels of powerful ingredients in the skin in a relatively short period of time.  Our patented technology has been shown to even enhance the delivery of molecules such as peptides and vitamin C.


What is DermaKinetics?
DermaKinetics is a patented technology that enables skin care professionals to deliver powerful ingredients including peptides into the skin.  Until now, larger molecules such as hyaluronic acid have been unable to be delivered through the skin’s barriers without being injected or ablating the skin.  DermaKinetics enables the delivery of hyaluronic acid to the very places where it occurs naturally, restoring its levels that have been diminished over time by sun exposure, pollution and the forces of nature.

How soon before I see result?
The skin usually appears softer and more hydrated after just one treatment; however, the average cell cycle is 28 days and because Dermakinetics stimulates cellular activity, the most dramatic results are generally seen between 30 and 45 days.

Is DermaKinetics safe?
The DermaKinetics system is the safest skin care delivery process available due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment.  This process does not disrupt the corneal layer and therefore does not open the skin up to potential environmental stress-ors.

Do you see different after one DermaKinetic treatment?
Yes. Even after the first treatment, the skin will show sign of a slight improvement. However, significant fangs are obtained with a series of clinical treatments. The full effete is achieved after five to six months of cellular renewal and collagen bundle growth.

Can I use DermaKinetic on the body as well as the face?Yes; however, the treatments will vary depending on the skin type, texture nd problems being addressed.

Can I use DermaKinetics on compromised, sunburned or blemished skin?
Yes.  Since the treatment is completely non-invasive, you can safely use the skin care topicals and delivery system to speed up the repair process.

Can you use light therapy and Microdermabrasion with DermaKinetics?
Yes. In fact, the DermaKinetics system are compatible with most other non-ablative and ablative treatment modalities.  Most of these systems can even increase the desire effects of dermaKinetics. DermaKinetics treatments are routinely used after laser resurfacing therapy to aid in healing and reduce swelling.

Are there any contraindications I should be made ware of?
DermaKinetics should only be used with topicals specifically provided for their intended purpose.  Skin should be otherwise clean and free of any other products.  Practitioners, as part of developing a skin treatment plan for a patient, should be aware of any topical ingredient sensitivity with this or any product.  Formulatons developed for DermaKinetics contains components generally recognized as safe. Treatments should be discontinued if any negative reaction or skin sensitivity is noted.