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From start to finish we customize your treatment plan by first analyzing your skin condition in order to determine  your needs.  Skin problems such as acne, rosacea, combination issues (dry and oily), sensitive, dehydrating, hyper-pigmentation, aging skin and other conditions will all be considered in developing a perfect solution for you.

We have a wide variety of treatment plans and utilize the finest in skin care products, professional use (imported from France and Japan) and EQUIPMENT (made in France, Germany, USA and Japan) available today. We also include Lymphatic Drainage Massage necessary during the Facial treatments to see more effective result.

LYMPHTIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE:  A very specific technique of manual body massage. The Lymphatic drainage system carries away the excess water, protein and waste products from the tissues through a network of fine channels. It filters the lymph fluid through the lymph nodes, before emptying the cleansed fluid back into the blood stream.

** Consultation available. Please contact at 310.662.3091